sarade management

Tax Preparation


We provide tax preparation service  for sole proprietorships and corporate businesses. We file Schedule C, Form 1120s, and Form 1065. With over 13 years experience, we provide  the best tax service for your small or large business.  We can prepare your taxes electronically, and virtually!  Contact us for more information.  Call us at 888-407-3770

Accounting & Billing


Do you have problems with accounting or billing? Let us help you with that.  We provide payroll support, profit and loss statements, and invoice billing. We can tackle the big jobs and get you ready for year end filing. Give us a call for quotes.  Contact us at 888-407-3770

Qualify for Mortgage


Don't know where to start to qualify for a home mortgage?  Let us get you prepared. We will help get you ready to qualify for a mortgage by filing past taxes, payroll issues, and 1099s and w2s.  We cater to business owners that have a difficult time qualifying for home loans.  Let us make it easier for you to navigate.  Contact us for more information on how to get started.

Our steps


We will get an overall picture of what your individual needs may be.  We will start  with a brief history of your business and/or challenges that you have.  We will develop a step by step plan of action to resolve and reorganize any issues from the past to get you updated and current with your business.


Develop a plan of attack to solving issues that interupt the flow of your business.  This includes any tax issues, billing problems, and accounting problems that need resolving.  You will work with our consultant to help develop your plan and get your business compliant.


Finally, we will initiate a plan of action to develop a good working strategy to correct those issues that put your business at risk.  Once the plan is complete, we will continue to support your business with checks and balances throughout the year to make sure your business continues to run smoothly.